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Dawesville Caravan Park – eeeewwww!

Stayed at the Dawesville Caravan Park over New Years and wasn’t overly impressed. Normally a group of us (30+) go away and get four to fives sites together. The guys that got there early...

Divido – YUM! 0

Divido – YUM!

Took Andrea to Divido for her Birthday. Great Food. Great Atmosphere. Former River Cafe Chef. Christmas special 3 courses for $75. YUM! View Larger Map  

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Offroad Trailer

Originally I had thought that we should be able to get a decent trailer for around $1500, ($1800 at the most). It’s initial role was a general household trailer as well as  something to that we...


Chocolate Art & Maurizio’s

For Asher’s Christening we bought a cake from Chocolate Art in Kingsley and then took everyone to lunch at Maurizio’s in Perth. Initially I thought that cake was a bit expensive but it really...


Funky Business Cards

Just ordered some cards for Critical Focus. Not the standard boring business cards, but some pretty cools ones from Squiz Cards. Heaps of styles and options to choose from or just design your own....


Killer Bees Invade Ellenbrook!

Well not quite, but it did make for an interesting afternoon. It started with 3 or 5 bees around the BBQ. Andrea asked me to go spray them, which I did. Shortly after whilst...

More Photos for H.S. Hyde & Son 0

More Photos for H.S. Hyde & Son

Took some more photos for H.S.Hyde & Son. This time of the floors and storage cabinets that they installed at a Hanger at the Perth Domestic Airport. Unfortunately the agreement was that I couldn’t...


Heliwest Joyride

I managed to go a free joy flight over Perth with Heliwest with the door off. Once I overcame the shock of flying with door off I managed to get a couple of decent...