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Taunton Time Lapse 0

Taunton Farm Timelapses

A couple of Timelapses from Taunton farm. The first two were my first ones using my new Syrp Genie Mini, the third a static since I dropped and broke my genieĀ  šŸ˜³ Rainbow appear...


Dawesville Caravan Park – eeeewwww!

Stayed at the Dawesville Caravan Park over New Years and wasn’t overly impressed. Normally a group of us (30+) go away and get four to fives sites together. The guys that got there early...

Trailer Specs 0

Trailer Specs

Looking into getting an trailer, kind of multi purpose, general household duty plus throw a camper top on it for camping. Basic specs that I am after 7×4 (450mm deep). Spare Wheel Mount Longer...