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Rails Codename Generator 0

Rails Codename Generator App

In my effort to learn and try new things out, I banged together a quick Rails Codename Generator App to generate codenames for the naming of projects or other prieces of work. Next to...

DB2 Datafix to remove dodgy characters 0

DB2 Datafix to remove dodgy characters

A quick and dirty db2 datafix to remove some dodgy characters that was causing our application to fail. Of course we also corrected the application to stop inserting these characters in the first place....

Site backup via script 0

Site backup via script

I was required to backup a company website, this backup had to be able to be stood up on a plain jane webserver. So after a bit of googling I came up with this....

Scrape Transaction Count from ESMAC 0

Scrape Transaction Count from ESMAC

Command to get the current transaction count from the command line of a Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition (assume it will work for Enterprise Server as well). curl -silent http://servername:9503/esmac/casrdo5 | grep -A 1...


Raspberry Pi Setup

Install and configure Raspbian Download image from Copy over image to the SD Card sudo dd bs=1m if=/Users/alisterjupp/Downloads/2013-02-09-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/rdisk5 Extend OS to full size of SD Card via raspi-config at first boot Set...

Stock Jeep Battery 0

New Batteries for the TJ and UPS

The factory battery in the TJ finally died and needed replacing. A combination of being rather lazy and time poor made getting RAC to do the job rather tempting. I really wanted to put...

Misc links and stuff 0

Misc links and stuff

This post is mainly put here for me to reference in the future, my memory sucks and I have a tendency of not being able to find bookmarks/links when I need them. Apple TV...

I want a DROBO! 0

I want a DROBO!

I’ve been lusting after a DROBO for ages. Hopefully soon I will be able to justify the expense and get one. In the meantime I’ll post a link in the attempt to win one!

tradie douche bags 0

Arseclown Parking

Was having breakfast in IKEA when I saw these two ARSECLOWNS park in a clearly marked parents parking bay, no child or pram came out of the work van just two idiot tradies! Not...


Western Digital 640 HD My Book Home Edition

Western Digital 640 HD My Book Home Edition (USB/eSATA/Firewire 400) for backups $145 from JB Hifi – Dunno if it’s just me but SLOW SLOW SLOW, which in the grand scheme of things speed...