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This post is mainly put here for me to reference in the future, my memory sucks and I have a tendency of not being able to find bookmarks/links when I need them.

Apple TV 2 remote stopped working. Thought it might have been something to do with the Jailbreak/XBMC install. Nup seems looks like it got locked up. Also referred to this post a few times about installing Apple TV 2 – Arturito.net

Using MySQL on my NAS for a central Database for my two AppleTVs to share – Centralize XMBC Library

Installed SVN on my Synology NAS awhile ago, as per instructions on the synology wiki. Also just set up a repo on google code, thought that this would be handy >> jeep-monkey repo

Getting SVN working on eclipse I installed the SVN binaries from CollabNet

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