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Gimbal Failure Screenshot 0

Phantom 4 Pro + Gimbal Motor Overloaded Issue

My new Phantom 4 Pro + started throwing the “Gimbal Motor Overloaded” warning message 6 minutes into a flight down south (Boranup Lookout). At that stage, it was only 2 weeks old, with only...

Dad and Me 0

Father’s Day Quad Flying

A short trip out to Toodyay for some Quad flying on Father’s Day 2015. DJI Phantom 3 Professional TBS Discovery Father’s Fay Quad Flying Quad Down! I discovered that I have an issue when...

rc groundstation setup 0

Finally getting some flight time

I’ve brought my quad out of storage, dusted it off and started to clock up some flight time. Quad with the following config; TBS Discovery (DJI F450 Arms) with Core installed. DJI Naza Lite...