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Aperture 3 Upgrade Issue

Being pretty excited about the latest release of Aperture, I downloaded and installed the trail version and bought the upgrade key as soon as I could. Shortly after upgrading my Aperture 2 Library I...

chain wrapped around base of seat then around the steering wheel 0

Ghetto Club Lock

Here is my way of making me feel a little bit more secure when leaving my Jeep with the roof off – Al’s Ghetto Club Lock. Originally I used it in my LH Torana,...


New Critical Focus Business Cards from Zazzle

I had to get some more business cards for Critical Focus as some found that there really wasn’t enough detail on the Squiz cards I got previously. I was made apparent to me that...

IKEA Baby High Chair 0

IKEA Baby High Chair

Just bought another IKEA ANTILOP high chair to be left at my parents place. Super cheap at only $34.95 and more importantly super easy to clean. Goes together in typical IKEA no nosense fashion....


Western Digital 640 HD My Book Home Edition

Western Digital 640 HD My Book Home Edition (USB/eSATA/Firewire 400) for backups $145 from JB Hifi – Dunno if it’s just me but SLOW SLOW SLOW, which in the grand scheme of things speed...


Dawesville Caravan Park – eeeewwww!

Stayed at the Dawesville Caravan Park over New Years and wasn’t overly impressed. Normally a group of us (30+) go away and get four to fives sites together. The guys that got there early...

Divido – YUM! 0

Divido – YUM!

Took Andrea to Divido for her Birthday. Great Food. Great Atmosphere. Former River Cafe Chef. Christmas special 3 courses for $75. YUM! View Larger Map  


Trailer Update

A quick list of things done to my offroad trailer; Just added Toolbox, pole/rod holders, lock. Thunderbox Toolbox from Super Cheap Auto – $249 Pole/Rod Holders – Misc bits from Bunnings – $75 Lock...

Little River Winery – FAIL! 0

Little River Winery – FAIL!

Living next to the Swan Valley you are really spoilt for choice on places to eat. My previous experience with the Little River Winery was also rather poor but memorable. It involved one of...

trailer 0

Offroad Trailer

Originally I had thought that we should be able to get a decent trailer for around $1500, ($1800 at the most). It’s initial role was a general household trailer as well as  something to that we...