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When Driveshafts Attack

I was moving my first trailer load of house stuff for the day, nicely driving out of Ellenbrook when all of a sudden there was the load bang underneath my Jeep followed by a...


Synology DS210J NAS

Finally bought a NAS, ended up going with the Synology DS210J, a two bay NAS with alot of great functions Picked it up off Ebay for $300 delivered. Will see how this one goes...


Idiots reign supreme on Perth streets

I gave this black Rav 4 1COH-835 the horn after getting rudely cut off when he changed lanes in front of me without looking. This Tool didn’t really like that and proceeded to give...

IBM Cognos script incorrect 2

IBM Cognos script incorrect

Recently when setting up some Reporting to be controlled by ControlM/EM I experienced an issue using the IBM supplied script. It worked perfectly well when using a single word Namespace, but once we...

Reported Vehicle 0

Reported Vehicle!

Saw this outside the Corrective Services Office, on Milligan Street, the other day. Thought it was a bit funny.


TJ YouTube Clip

An old clip I found laying around on my server that I just uploaded to YouTube of my Jeep.

crap driver 0

Easy to Identify Arsehole Drivers

If you have a car that stands out from the pack, take this bit of advice, don’t drive like a moron! Whether it’s modifications, personalised plates, luxury/performance car, or better still a luxury/performance car...

Aperture 3 Faces & Screen Saver Issue Update 0

Aperture 3 Faces & Screen Saver Issue Update

The day after I thought I had solved my issue with Aperture 3 and it not showing up as a Screen Saver or Desktop option, it happened again! Frustrated I rebuilt the thumbs and...