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Stock Jeep Battery 0

New Batteries for the TJ and UPS

The factory battery in the TJ finally died and needed replacing. A combination of being rather lazy and time poor made getting RAC to do the job rather tempting. I really wanted to put...


When Driveshafts Attack

I was moving my first trailer load of house stuff for the day, nicely driving out of Ellenbrook when all of a sudden there was the load bang underneath my Jeep followed by a...


TJ YouTube Clip

An old clip I found laying around on my server that I just uploaded to YouTube of my Jeep.

chain wrapped around base of seat then around the steering wheel 0

Ghetto Club Lock

Here is my way of making me feel a little bit more secure when leaving my Jeep with the roof off – Al’s Ghetto Club Lock. Originally I used it in my LH Torana,...

trailer 0

Offroad Trailer

Originally I had thought that we should be able to get a decent trailer for around $1500, ($1800 at the most). It’s initial role was a general household trailer as well as  something to that we...


TJ Hardtop Hoist v3

The TJ Hardtop can be pretty difficult to remove, especially if your Jeep has been lifted (and in my case, if you are short!), as such a hoist is a great way to may...


2002 TJ Wrangler

2002 Black TJ Wrangler Sport Hardtop 4.0 Litre, 5 Speed Manual – Ever since seeing Sarah Connor driving her Renegade, in the original Terminator, I had wanted to get myself a Jeep. Here is...


2001 Grand Cherokee WJ

Current Mods and things I have bought for it. Cooper ATRs 245x65R17 – These nearly cost as much as the Claws in my TJ. Unfortunately these rub a little bit on the front inner...


The Cars

I wouldn’t class myself as a Rev Head, but I do love working on, driving and looking at cars of all makes and models. Past 1972 Valiant Charger 265 – My first car. Wish I...