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Strobist Gear Update 0

Strobist Gear Update

OK… On my way with getting some gear together… now just have to start taking some pictures and working out how to use it properly. Gear List so Far 1 x SB-26 and 1...


Cactus Triggers v4

Cactus Triggers v4 from Gadget Infinity. One word “Cheap“. Cheap look. Cheap buy, Cheap Build quality. Yep they work and have allowed me to start down the strobist path, but I am already looking...


Must Get some Strobist gear….

Been thinking about it for ages. Now I am finally taking some serious steps towards acquiring some hardware. Was about to spend a large amount of cash on a 580EX, but have thought better...

Crumpler the part and parcel 0

Crumpler Bags

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Crumpler bags. Great looking and functioning bags. I have “the part and parcel” for lugging my MBP to and from the office and a “the 7 million dollar home” for...


Need Photos?

If you Need Photos ring Alister on 0417 991 143 or email:


2002 TJ Wrangler

2002 Black TJ Wrangler Sport Hardtop 4.0 Litre, 5 Speed Manual – Ever since seeing Sarah Connor driving her Renegade, in the original Terminator, I had wanted to get myself a Jeep. Here is...


2001 Grand Cherokee WJ

Current Mods and things I have bought for it. Cooper ATRs 245x65R17 – These nearly cost as much as the Claws in my TJ. Unfortunately these rub a little bit on the front inner...

Stock Photography 0

Stock Photography

Here is a list of MicroStock websites that I currently submit photos to. For the last couple of years I have earnt enough through these websites to pay for my Internet connection, so essentially...


The Cars

I wouldn’t class myself as a Rev Head, but I do love working on, driving and looking at cars of all makes and models. Past 1972 Valiant Charger 265 – My first car. Wish I...

Trailer Specs 0

Trailer Specs

Looking into getting an trailer, kind of multi purpose, general household duty plus throw a camper top on it for camping. Basic specs that I am after 7×4 (450mm deep). Spare Wheel Mount Longer...