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Idiot Pedestrian 0

Idiot Perth Pedestrian

Pedestrian crosses road behind a truck and doesn’t even look for oncoming traffic – Wellington Street, Perth.

rc groundstation setup 0

Finally getting some flight time

I’ve brought my quad out of storage, dusted it off and started to clock up some flight time. Quad with the following config; TBS Discovery (DJI F450 Arms) with Core installed. DJI Naza Lite...

Irrigation Caddy 0

Time to turn off the Sprinklers

With winter well and truly upon us its time to turning off the sprinklers. As usual Water Corp have put their winter ban in place – Irrigation Caddy FTW Turning them off with...

Rails Codename Generator 0

Rails Codename Generator App

In my effort to learn and try new things out, I banged together a quick Rails Codename Generator App to generate codenames for the naming of projects or other prieces of work. Next to...

DB2 Datafix to remove dodgy characters 0

DB2 Datafix to remove dodgy characters

A quick and dirty db2 datafix to remove some dodgy characters that was causing our application to fail. Of course we also corrected the application to stop inserting these characters in the first place....

Irrigation Caddy 0

Irrigation Caddy Issue

I love my Irrigation Caddy  for ease of programming, normally painful task on conventional controllers (At my last house it took me so long that I used to take a beer out with me...

passat 4motion 0

New Tyres for the Passat

Quick breakdown of prices for tyres for my 2007 VW Passat 4Motion. Passat Tyres 235/45R17 Bob Jane Morley 9271 2866 Tyre Power Morley 9275 3394 Pirelli Pzero Nero 199 796 Pirelli Cinturato P7 0...

Reporting on Micro Focus SEE HSF 0

Reporting on Micro Focus SEE HSF

The Historical Statistical Facility (HSF) provides the ability to record statistics related to the time spent in a COBOL program and the time that parts of that program spent in CICS API commands/tasks, SQL...

Site backup via script 0

Site backup via script

I was required to backup a company website, this backup had to be able to be stood up on a plain jane webserver. So after a bit of googling I came up with this....

Scrape Transaction Count from ESMAC 0

Scrape Transaction Count from ESMAC

Command to get the current transaction count from the command line of a Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition (assume it will work for Enterprise Server as well). curl -silent http://servername:9503/esmac/casrdo5 | grep -A 1...