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austrack camper trailer 0

Austrack Trailer Camper Top Setup

This timelapse is from 2012 and shows the setup of my Austrack Camper Trailer. I was thinking of doing another timelapse this year as we should have improved the setup times over the years...

Vatican Garden Grotto 0

Vatican Garden Tour Clips 2015

Some footage of from the bus ride part of our 2015 Vatican Gardens tour. I highly recommend the tour as it gives you a totally different perspective on Saint Peters. The gardens are just...

Dad and Me 0

Father’s Day Flying

A short trip out to Toodyay for some Quad flying on Father’s Day 2015. DJI Phantom 3 Professional TBS Discovery Quad Down! I discovered that I have an issue when performing a turn in...

idiot capri 0

Idiot in a Ford Capri

Some people just don’t pay enough attention on the road. Check out this complete idiot in a Ford Capri (the hairdresser model not the cool one) indicate and change lanes in one movement, without properly...

Idiot Pedestrian 0

Idiot Perth Pedestrian

Pedestrian crosses road behind a truck and doesn’t even look for oncoming traffic – Wellington Street, Perth.

rc groundstation setup 0

Finally getting some flight time

I’ve brought my quad out of storage, dusted it off and started to clock up some flight time. Quad with the following config; TBS Discovery (DJI F450 Arms) with Core installed. DJI Naza Lite...

Irrigation Caddy 0

Time to turn off the Sprinklers

With winter well and truly upon us its time to turning off the sprinklers. As usual Water Corp have put their winter ban in place – Turning them off with an irrigation caddy...

Rails Codename Generator 0

Rails Codename Generator App

In my effort to learn and try new things out, I banged together a quick Rails Codename Generator App to generate codenames. Next to no code cut. It’s a simple app allowing you to...

DB2 Datafix to remove dodgy characters 0

DB2 Datafix to remove dodgy characters

A quick and dirty db2 datafix to remove some dodgy characters that was causing our application to fail. Of course we also corrected the application to stop inserting these characters in the first place....