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The Cars

I wouldn’t class myself as a Rev Head, but I do love working on, driving and looking at cars of all makes and models. Past 1972 Valiant Charger 265 – My first car. Wish I...

Trailer Specs 0

Trailer Specs

Looking into getting an trailer, kind of multi purpose, general household duty plus throw a camper top on it for camping. Basic specs that I am after 7×4 (450mm deep). Spare Wheel Mount Longer...

Fishing Gear 0

Fishing Gear

The last time I went fishing I discovered that I needed to revisit my setup. I had bought a new 12′  rod (Snyder Glas MT144 8W 55 – 115 g) and the reel that I...

My Edible Garden 0

My Edible Garden

I get a bit of a kick out of planting something in the ground, watching it grow and then being able to eat it. At the moment I have the following growing in my...



After realising that I was spending an obscene amount of money on beer every fortnight I decided to investigate alternate sources of beer supply. U-Brew It seemed to be the answer, only problem was...