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Photo Fail 0

Pro Photog unfortunately Amateur Speller

Saw this sign at the Good Food & Wine Show on the weekend. I don’t really get what they had to do with food and wine either. Much like the Crocs stall that I...


Maloo Parking Fail

Ellenbrook Shops parking fail. Not only was this joker parking in a spot that really is meant for parking, but he did it so poorly. Maybe he was scared he would scuff his pretty...


Fort Street Demolition

I recently bought a house in Morley that required demolition. I obtained several quotes and was amazed to find such a wide range in price. ITAL Demolition $15,900 GST Inc Swift Demolition $14.600 GST...

elata place for sale 0

It’s for Sale!

5 Elata Close, Ellenbrook on View Larger Map


Idiots reign supreme on Perth streets

I gave this black Rav 4 1COH-835 the horn after getting rudely cut off when he changed lanes in front of me without looking. This Tool didn’t really like that and proceeded to give...

Reported Vehicle 0

Reported Vehicle!

Saw this outside the Corrective Services Office, on Milligan Street, the other day. Thought it was a bit funny.

crap driver 0

Easy to Identify Arsehole Drivers

If you have a car that stands out from the pack, take this bit of advice, don’t drive like a moron! Whether it’s modifications, personalised plates, luxury/performance car, or better still a luxury/performance car...


New Critical Focus Business Cards from Zazzle

I had to get some more business cards for Critical Focus as some found that there really wasn’t enough detail on the Squiz cards I got previously. I was made apparent to me that...

IKEA Baby High Chair 0

IKEA Baby High Chair

Just bought another IKEA ANTILOP high chair to be left at my parents place. Super cheap at only $34.95 and more importantly super easy to clean. Goes together in typical IKEA no nosense fashion....