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Maloo Parking Fail

Ellenbrook Shops parking fail. Not only was this joker parking in a spot that really is meant for parking, but he did it so poorly. Maybe he was scared he would scuff his pretty...


Fort Street Demolition

I recently bought a house in Morley that required demolition. I obtained several quotes and was amazed to find such a wide range in price. ITAL Demolition $15,900 GST Inc Swift Demolition $14.600 GST...


Idiots reign supreme on Perth streets

I gave this black Rav 4 1COH-835 the horn after getting rudely cut off when he changed lanes in front of me without looking. This Tool didn’t really like that and proceeded to give...

Reported Vehicle 0

Reported Vehicle!

Saw this outside the Corrective Services Office, on Milligan Street, the other day. Thought it was a bit funny.


Easy to Identify Arsehole Drivers

If you have a car that stands out from the pack, take this bit of advice, don’t drive like a moron! Whether it’s modifications, personalised plates, luxury/performance car, or better still a luxury/performance car...

IKEA Baby High Chair 0

IKEA Baby High Chair

Just bought another IKEA ANTILOP high chair to be left at my parents place. Super cheap at only $34.95 and more importantly super easy to clean. Goes together in typical IKEA no nosense fashion....