Irrigation Caddy Issue

I love my Irrigation Caddy  for ease of programming, normally painful task on conventional controllers (At my last house it took me so long that I used to take a beer out with me when I had to change a setting). With the Irrigation Caddy changes are made in mere seconds, via either the web interface or iOS App.

When I went to turn mine back on, after being off during winter, I found that mine had a bit of an issue. It was resetting/restarting when attempting to run zone from either the IC itself or the web interface.

I filmed this and sent it to the support line, figuring that it would help in diagnosis.

Great Customer Support

Irrigation Caddy support was very responsive – there response to my ticket;

Hi Alister,

Thanks for the video, I can see the issue clearly.

Ok so there are a few things we can try.
The unit is definitely rebooting as soon as you start a zone, so that means:

1. The transformer you are using is malfunctioning, and is barely able to provide enough current to run the electronics; thus when a zone turns ON the chips inside brown out, and reset.
2. Transformer is fine, but you have a short in valve  #1 or #11, and the same effect as #1 is occurring.

To test #1 and #2, unplug the main connector, the one that has all the valve wires connected to it; thus eliminating any external current sinks. Then try to perform the same test as in the video. If it now works, then it is either #1 or #2.
If it doesn’t I would recommend you send it back to us and we will replace it.

Turned out to be No. 2 – with a short in #11. Swapped out the Master solenoid. Fixed. Sweet!

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